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Eroded – Engravings of a Gruesome Epitaph

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Old School Swedeath from beloved Italy! With brother in arms Horrid and Undead Creep, Eroded adapted the unholy buzzsaw sound as their own. “Engravings of a Gruesome Epitaph” is actually their debut album, as their former release, simply called “Eroded” and released in 2009, is a compilation of their demos. To make a bolt conclusion, this took a while. And was it worthwhile, you ask? Just a black/white analysis: all the ingredients for a release in this particular genre is present. The growl, the groovy riffs, the pummelling drums, the production, nice leads, the blueprints of Entombed’s “Left Hand Path”…Everything! And although it sounds a bit strange as I am a fan, but I’m glad the Autopsy influence on this album is not as much as on most of the old school death metal albums that are released lately. The potential of these guys can be heard on “Thousands Cults of Sterility”, which starts with a haunting lead that takes you back a couple of decades. Overall the midtempo riffs could have been more memorable therefore I have the urge to give the verdict “well done, but not stunning”. As with most Swedeath releases nowadays, it’s fun to hear and absolutely a nice release. Unfortunately I just need a little bit more than “nice” to keep on pressing on the “repeat” button over and over again or recommend it as a “must have” towards a friend. (Ricardo)