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Embryo / Stigmata – Damnatory-Cacophony / Deceived Minds

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This split LP contains two demo’s from extreme bands from the dark Swedish metal past. From these two Embryo’s 1991 demo ‘Damnatory Cacophony’ sounds more original in my opinion. But as founding member Mattias Borgh states in in memory line’s ‘ …a great number of people hated the demo. We never sounded like the typical Swedish death metal bands, which was the norm back then.’. I never heard this demo before this album came out, but and I can just agree with him. If I had the opportunity back then to hear this I would probably say the same. It is ok, but nothing special. But hearing this now in 2013 it has something special. It is not typical Swedish death metal. Hearing the third song of this demo ‘ Bible Of Hypocrisy’, I just get enthusiastic about the changing rhythms. To give some musical directions: think of a mixture of Cadaver and Autopsy, without the Swedish sound. And you like to screams or not. Stigmata on the other side is presented with their ‘Deceived Minds’ demo from 1992. And this is Swedish death metal in the vein of Entombed and Dismember. After a typical nineties intro the three tracks are noting but pure mid-tempo death metal. If I would had heard this in 1992, the highlights of death metal were already there, this would ended up in the big staple of once played demos. But nowadays, as with Embryo, it sounds so pure and honestly. And that is why I appreciate this release from The Crypt: the nostalgic trip is there once you put it on the turntable. (Martin)


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