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Thou Shalt Suffer – Into The Woods Of Belial [Re-release]

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An essential part of the Norwegian death metal history is presented by The Crypt. Thou Shalt Suffer was one of the first death metal bands from Norway with Ishahn and Samoth which became well known with Emperor. On this 2-LP you get the complete discography of this band but not the ambient album “Somnium”. This album is more a solo project of Ishahn and in my opinion has musically nothing to do with the early material of TSS. It starts with the great demo “Into The Woods Of Belial”. Till today this still has that magical, bombastic sound. And if you want, you can hear some typical riffs and arrangements that you can also find on the early Emperor recordings. After that you can enjoy the “Open the Mysteries Of Your Creation” EP. With these two recordings you have the important recordings of TSS. Also added to this vinyl release is the rehearsal demo of “Into The Woods Of Belial”. For a rehearsal it has more then a decent sound. As extra you also find the rehearsal “Succumb To Vestigia Terrent” rehearsal and an pre-TSS rehearsal from the band Embryonic. And you know what the most interesting part of all these recording are? It was all recorded in 1991. In 1997 this album was released on CD by Samoth’s label Nocturnal Art and at that point this band was already history, since Emperor became the black metal band of the nineties. (Martin)