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Credimus – Sykjievir io gyaht

credimus – sykjievir io gyaht

“You can’t judge a book by its cover”, more and more each day. I was not expecting this, to be honest. Looking at the cover, a more ritualistic sort of Black Metal quickly popped up, and I was waiting for a ritualistic ambience to take over my office, with smoke and demons, the whole gimmicks. But no, that did not happen. Well, in a way it did not…

Credimus is a Russian band, Cold Sword Production is their label, and this is their first ever release, and that is about it, I guess. Well, it is, because I was not able to find any more on the band. In terms of sound, not being the Ritualist Shamanic Black Metal I was expecting it to be, was is it then? It’s Black Friggin’ Metal! It goes to the 90s and “kidnaps” the attitude and hatred. It’s violent in a very Punkish way, it has this (almost) Thrash element as well. It is all over the place. It has Darkthrone and Satyricon in there as well… well, it is a smack in the face, mate, I will give you that ahahah and it sounds good, it does not sound dated nor covered in mold, it sounds, mostly… energetic and enraged!

Give it a go! (DanielP)