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Continental – Automne Boreal / Flamme Victorieuse [Demo]

continental – automne boreal / flamme victorieuse [demo]

Not only do I receive lots of digital promos as well as requests to review, I also search new material and discover new acts myself often as well. This time I just happen to stumble upon Continental, a Symphonic Black Metal band from Canada, and their first 2-track demo. When I “symphonic”, I don’t mean nowadays bombastic sounding and mostly clean produced material, but more the keyboard accompanied Black Metal from the mid-1990s that Norway produced.

So get your thoughts towards albums like Dimmu Borgir’s “For all Tid”, Old Man’s Child “Born of the Flickering” and especially Arcturus’ “Constelation” EP and you will get the drift of Continental. Lots of variation within the songs, a hazy production that enhances the atmosphere and the changes between chants and Black Metal howling results in a demo that should alert a label or 2, with the right feeling towards nostalgia, to give these Canadians the opportunity to spread their fine music. (Ricardo)