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Abscession – Grave Offerings

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Final Gate Records, who have released a fine split of Funeral Whore and Obscure Infinity which is worth your money, signed the Swedish Death Metal band Abscessio. Probably based on some demo tracks of this album, as their first demo was released back in 2010. The Swedish Death Metal which satisfied the staff of Final Gate Records, also got my attention. Personally I hear different influences of the Swedish Death Metal scene, although it can be argued if all the influences are typical SweDeath. While listening to the second track “Gargoyle”, I hear a 100% Unleashed riff, drum pattern and groove throughout the whole song. But when you have a track like “In My Coffin”, you definitely hear Hypocrisy after the start of the song due the dual vocals (growl and clean) at the chorus and atmosphere. Something Hypocrisy did in the era 1999-2005, between “Hypocrisy” and “Virus”. Same goes for “Downfall Pt. 1”. But also at the beginning of “Cabin 13” you will hear Hypocrisy staccato riffs. And then you have “Blowtorch Blues” which has a huge Entombed Death ‘n Roll wink in the beginning of the song. As you can read, it’s quite diverse. For you to decide if that’s a good thing or not. Personally I think the leads and solos are better than the rhythm riffs and do hope they will continue the path of a track like “Downfall Pt. 1” and enhance the Hypocrisy influence. And master it into an Abscession creation. (Ricardo)