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Static Abyss – Labyrinth Of Veins

static abyss – labyrinth of veins


Autopsy has always been a band that spawned many a side-project, of which The Ravenous and Abscess might be the best known and most successful. To that string of bands we can now also add Static Abyss, a new project by Chris Reifert and current Autopsy bassist Greg Wilkinson. The duo presented their first feat through Peaceville Records about halfway last year.

And, frankly, like almost all of those side-projects, Static Abyss sounds quite a bit like Autopsy with only marginal differences that are found in the details when we are going to dice and slice. ‘Labyrinth Of Veins’ builds on the very same foundations as Autopsy, adding a bit more punk-ridden rhythms as well as some sludgy droning. Altogether making the album sound a little fresher than the latest Autopsy offerings, but it also seems to limp in two minds making it a bit schizophrenic and not quite coherent at the same time. The album opener ‘Feasting On Eyes’ sounds quite upbeat and it has that strong punk-vibe that Reifert is known for, but some other songs like the tittle track or the closing ‘Clawing To The Top Of The Dead’ are nearing a Funeral Doom pace with a distinct sludgy nature. Wilkinson’s Sludge background most definitely is peaking through here, but in all honesty, it is actually killing the vibe and cadence as well as the overall ambiance of the album. With that title track also being the longest of the album, clocking six and a half minutes, the next song is so very welcome with a strong Death Metal and speedy nature.

Not bad per se, but I am not quite convinced that an even more sludgy Autopsy is all that impressive. Frankly put, some pieces are downright boring and the fast parts feel like a real relief. Those faster sections reminded me more of Autopsy in the old days, which are for the most part also missed in nowadays Autopsy. All in all, ‘Labyrinth Of Veins’ just feels like a bit too undecisive to be really taken serious. Let’s say Static Abyss for now is a jack of all trades, master of none.

Static Abyss

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