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Anathema – A Vision Of A Dying Embrace [Re-Release]

anathema – a vision of a dying embrace [re-release]


When Anathema embarked on their 1996 tour supporting their then new ‘The Silent Enigma’ record they were captured live in Krakow, Poland. That footage ended up at the VHS which was released a year later under the moniker of ‘A Vision Of A Dying Embrace’, which is a quote from the live hit ‘A Dying Wish’. It was re-released on DVD in the early 00’s, but never these live tracks appeared on a regular sound carrier, up till now. Peaceville Records decided to release this piece of Anathema history on both vinyl and CD. So this is rather the sound of a dying embrace…

This live set captures the band’s last convulsions as a ‘metal band’. As we all know, ‘The Silent Enigma’ was the last album on which we still get to hear a grunt and ‘real’ metal riffs, on all subsequent albums the metal content gets lower and lower until Anathema has become a progressive sounding rock band. But, this is Anathema before that transition and, for many, at their peak. For fans of the band, the setlist is finger-licking good, with all the big ‘hits’ from the early albums passing by: ‘Restless Oblivion’, ‘Sunset Of Age’, ‘Mine Is Yours To Drown In’, ‘Sleepless’ and ‘A Dying Wish’. It is of no surprise that the focus obviously is on ‘The Silent Enigma’-album. What perhaps surprising is, though, at least for those who have not seen the original VHS/DVD, is that the sound quality is far from polished. The concert was recorded in its purest form and released without editing or (re)mastering, which means you are presented with everything in its naked imperfection. Including flaws and rough sound. You can hear guitar feedback, off-tune singing and little mistakes. Anyone who used to trade tapes or enjoys listening to bootlegs will have no trouble piercing through this and seeing the beauty and charm of it, but it might be a little harder to digest if you prefer your live recordings clean and slick.


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