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Darkthrone – The Underground Resistance

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The duo Fenriz and Culto will release their sixteenth full-length album titled “The Underground Resistance” on the Peaceville Records label. There’s plenty stuff to say about this two-headed band,because in the beginning their music was more in the style of death/black metal, and while the years passed, other musical influences crawled into their system. Punk, thrash, doom and heavy metal were sucked into the different albums from these Norwegians. So yes, every album has its own identity, its own special vibe and in my own opinion, each album they’ve created was something unique and surprising. Now “The Underground Resistance” again is an album where they haven’t avoid some experimental parts. This one definitely is the most heavy metal album in their careers and it sounds raw and old school. The vocals sounds like they were stolen from one kind of demo by an old British heavy metal band, and the first time I’ve listened to this record, I thought I had to deal with a beginning band…luckily for me, I knew better! Each track blew me away and each time I re-listened the album I was more and more charmed, stunned, yes, even overwhelmed about the skills of these musicians. Listen for example to “Valkyrie” that nestles immediately into your head because of the excellent chorus coupled with the uptempo riff. Track “The ones you left behind” with the great melody stuffed into it, and where the vocals again are sang into a fast-paced way. This is one song that you can sing along from the beginning till the end. In the middle of this song the vocals go in overdrive, because I can’t conclude if it sounds just ordinary false or just genial! As said before, all tracks have something about them, and when listening to tracks as “Lesser Men” and “Leave No Cross Unturned” (the best song in my eyes, because they were able to combine thrash metal with speed and heavy metal, but also were able to make it sound dark and melodic!), or the opener “Dead Early” or the more black metal tinted one “Come Warfare, the entire doom” you can’t else then admit that Darkthrone again has shifted their boundaries! This album is brilliant and could be one of the best albums of 2013 according to me!Splendid album with great vocals, heavy riffs and can be described as musical art! (Fredde)