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Goatcraft – Spheres Below

goatcraft – spheres below


As 2020 died a much heralded and prolonged death, Slovakian Black/Death Metal quartet Goatcraft unleashed one last dose of pestilence and dread upon an already strung out and chaotic world. Initially released on CD by fellow Slovak label In League With Satan Productions, debut album ‘Spheres Below’ has since gone on to have various re-releases on LP again by ILWSP, as well as Necroeucharist Productions and Hexencave Productions, and most recently a cassette offering by Filth Junkies Records. This is a release that is heavily in demand.

Introductory track ‘Nekromanteion’ sets the tone perfectly with guitar leads that tell a story without a word being spoken, though the explosion of visceral and chaotic extremity that follows cranks up the tension and brutality to a huge level; tempered only by a subtle and soaring atmospheric backdrop. Indeed the juxtaposition specifically between the rampant drumming style and haunting background is extremely pronounced but works well in defining the textures and layers of Goatcraft’s evil and devilish sound. Impressive is the blend of marauding riffs and bludgeoning percussion, but equally so the hidden depths of beauty that permeate the album. I’m nothing if not a creature of habit though, so when Goatcraft bash out a slower to mid-tempo track such as the beginnings of ‘Kolossal Katastrophic Kollapse’, you know I’m going to be all over it! I love a track that starts slow, builds methodically and then slips the dogs of war for an all out audio assault, and Goatcraft do that so well. Their aural assault feels like psychological warfare, their lethal riffs like panzer tanks! yet at the heart of the bands obvious brutality lays the seeds of entertainment; catchy little nuggets of head banging groove and atmospheric intensity. Not to mention some gruesome and sickeningly heavy bass tones! Simply put, ‘Spheres Below’ isn’t enough; I need more Goatcraft!


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