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Marburg – Polemicist [EP – Re-Release]

marburg – polemicist [ep – re-release]

Like your grind with a sprinkle of jazz, tech, and some video clips? Look no further than the sicko’s in Marburg with their new release, “Polemicist!” through the mighty Vargheist Records who have been gaming some steam lately releasing a plethora of Grind, dissonant, and straight up Death Metal releases. The new Marburg is no different mixing in genres throughout the 16 minute runtime.

Starting this off with a not so subtle, “Fuck You” a 59 second assault on the ears that lets you know who you are messing with. A nice sound clip that perfectly sum up what I think this band thinks. “If you don’t like us then fuck you we aren’t changing for anybody”. “Suicide Nets” keeps the intensity going with non stop blasts and a different kind of sludge sound that they display throughout as well and then you are sucked into a “Vegetative State” which start a series of longer songs on the album through this stretch with songs about a minute long and more of a songwriting dynamic with riffs and less on the sheer intensity of the grind.

In the end, it’s only the beginning with, “Welcome to You’re Doom” Which trust me, hurts more to type than it is to read. However the song title the song itself is a doom ridden sludge fest with bass lines screaming behind the slow guitar builds and grating vocals. A perfect way to end a grind record is to just jam out some sludge if you ask me.

A fusion filled album of morbid riffs and intensity these guys are sure to catch your ear next time you want to assault your own brain. (ThatAustronautGuy)