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Christfuck – HellGoat Militia [EP]

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What we have here is my fellow countrymates Christfuck (what a name!) and their debut ep ‘Hellgoat Militia’. The band was formed by Nick ‘Yngve’, a well-known drummer in the Greek underground scene (Lykaionas, Chaosbaphomet, Empire of the Moon etc.) and the line-up also consists of frontwoman Hel Pyre (she also handles bass duties) and guitarist Vulgate (W.E.B.). The ep presents us 3 tracks of oldschool black/thrash metal and a cover of Rotting Christ’s classic ‘Exiled Archangels’. The opening track ‘Hellgoat Militia’ is a typical black/thrash song influenced mainly by the pioneers of the genre (Bathory, Sodom etc.), but with an overall Hellenic black metal vibe surrounding it. Second track ‘Infernal King’ is my personal favorite. Blackened thrash riffage is also present here, but the band plays some more melodic black metal staff around the middle of the song. ‘Anima Satanas’ is the thrashiest song of the ep and kinda reminds me of ‘Societas Satanas’ by Thou Art Lord. Final track is a cover on ‘Exiled Archangels’ by Rotting Christ. Don’t expect any experimentation here, the cover is pretty close to the original and is well-executed. The sound is quite good for an underground release. Overall, ‘Hellgoat Militia’ will satisfy every oldschool extreme metal fan, as it steps with one foot in the 80’s and the first wave of black metal, and the other foot on the early 90’s Hellenic black metal scene. It is out on tape from MercyfulHell Productions. (Kostas Paganizer)


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