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Dark God – Cremation Of The Saint

dark god – cremation of the saint


From the lands of northern Chile, Death Thrash outfit Dark God released their official debut full-length ‘Cremation of the Saint’ in 2019 in collaboration with Agresor Records (CD) and Total Pagan Madness Prods (Cassette). Formed back in the days of 1990, they managed to record their Demo Rehearsal Tape in 1991. Then after their breaking off in 1994 for a long time to come and revives the band in 2015 with their Ep ‘Return of the Blasphemy’. In 2017 they published their first live ‘Blasphemy Live’ and now, finally all had the debut piece in long duration and long trusted. This debut got released again several times in 2021 and in 2022 to remind Death Metal with always provocative South-American Thrashy edge for fans of the late 80´s Floridian scene, Pentagram Chile, Atomic Aggressor, Mutilator Sadism, Torturer, Totten Korps, and Massacra.

After the beginning with an ominous Intro, title track ‘Cremation of the Saints’ starts in a drop tempo, yet manifests blasphemy and evokes sepulchral madness speared by commanding vocal throwing. The guitar line possesses and the solos will come out from nowhere that can grip anyone with paranoia & feistiness. All the song structures are constructed to produce an enticing transition from a sepulchral atmosphere to spitting Death Metal brutality. The surprising variations of rhythms and speeds, as well as the intensities of darkness, will be penetrating the senses unconsciously. The lyrics purely evoke things of dread as anyone read along and you will be dominated to think how these Chileans are obsessed with discovering new horizons of evilness, insanity, and invocation of infernal names. The beast behind the drums is Jose Pereira who delivered the gut-punching attacks on the skin with inner bestiality. Some depth charges like drums parts of ‘Cremation of the Saint’, ‘The Force of evil’, or ‘Sepulchral Blasphemy’ will make listeners praise his battering skill throughout the album. It’s resounding Death Thrash with spell-binding rhythms that don’t stop. Also, the evil guitar harmonics of ‘Dust of Death’, ‘Perdition of Life’ or ‘God in your mind upon the Darkness’ will turn more reflecting off the read the fanatic lyrics together. The scorching and tingling guitar tone by Giovanni’s “El Boina” Rivera may make a hole in your skull and will lure to repeat this again and again. From a mid-tempo heavy load beginning to bursting off like a whirling force as in Dark God, the searing bass line of Gustavo Velíz will make your post the Chilean with high fists in the air.

The record end will leave you scratching your head with an urge to destroy all like a madman. Recorded by Andres Goméz at Metal Hell Unap Studios (Chile), the production upheld the atmosphere and was sturdy enough to complement the sound like a solid force. So, all fanatic enthusiasts and followers, should taste this offering and praise the Chilean Dark God for their commanding effort.

Dark God

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