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13th Temple – Under a Crimson Moon [EP]

13th temple – under a crimson moon [ep]

“Under A Crimson Moon” is a 2-track EP by 13th Temple from  Chile. The EP contains 2 songs with an average length of over 12 minutes each.

First track “Arcane Death Ritual of Temaukel” is an up-tempo song with nervous tremolo picking on the guitar and a massive pulsating and bashing rhythm section that flows over into a chilling acoustic part before retaking the old pace and ending into a piece of ambient music. The rather ritualistic chanted vocals are feral and savage yet not without melody and emotion. The use of a vinyl filter to add cracks and clicks simply adds to the dreary dark atmosphere.

Second track, “Reverence from the Night Spirit” continues in the same trend, a real stormer of a track, yet full of variation that eventually dissolves into a void of ambient obscurity.

In short: “Under A Crimson Moon” combines elements of Black/Death Metal with Doom parts and Ambient structures.  The material on this EP is by all means enormously rich in musical textures and very well composed. And the dark, menacing atmosphere created on this EP lifts the music up to a monumental height.

Worth checking out to say the least. (LCF)