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Cryfemal – La Gran Victoria Del Mal

cryfemal – la gran victoria del mal


In the current Black Metal constellation where there are as many types of Black Metal or sub-subgenres as there are musicians active, it can be a breath of fresh air that some bands just seem to have a disregard for trends or originality and are not busy trying to find their own niche. One such band is Cryfemal from Spain (currently operating out of the Canary Islands). Those who previously delved into the band will have found themselves a time traveller with its furious 90’s Black Metal. And for those who can savour that, this ninth album is another feast of recognition.

Of course, with the statements above, the surprise is already totally taken off. Cryfemal once again dishes us a serving of no-nonsense Black Metal that rushes over us in half an hour in blistering, blind fury. Old times revive with ‘La Gran Victoria Del Mal’, which is a great celebration of Black Metal with a serious foot on the accelerator. Clearly no haute cuisine, there’s no finesse to it and things like dynamics and high-level songwriting seem to be likewise frowned upon. This in itself has its charm, but also carries the danger that it quickly gets tedious. It should also be confessed that in the few moments when the band slows down a bit, the musicians’ shortcomings do surface. These are the moments when the band falls through a bit and cannot be sufficiently captivating, a prime example being the Death Metal laden ‘Escencia Del Caos’. There is a lot of emphasis on vocals in the mix throughout the album, but unfortunately, we cannot count Ebola (also active in the much better Muert) as a particularly talented vocalist.

While for fans of 90s Black Metal there may be plenty to enjoy on this new album, I can’t convince myself that this isn’t much more than mediocrity that barely surpasses the late 90s/early 00s stable of Osmose Productions. For now, the band still seems destined for a continued existence in the misty shadows of the Black Metal realm.


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