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Αίμα – Tragos

Αίμα – tragos

Greek underground scene has some formidable acts to offer. Dead Congregation, Embrace of Thorns, Wargoat, Black Blood Invocation, Varathron are few of them. Hailing from the same region, Αίμα (pronunciation: ‘Aima’, meaning: ‘Blood’) is a Black/Death metal figure whose latest and one and only full-length ‘Tragos’ is out via Nuclear War Now! Productions.

The sheer bestiality this album offers is identical to the sound of bands like Pseudogod, Grave Miasma, and Teitanblood.  It consists eight tracks which offers you a very barbaric, messy, and harrowing aural savagery. Upon listening to this release, you will find yourself amidst doomish riffs and beats from time to time. From nasty and wicked riffs to missile pouring blastbeats, it was one hell of a ride going through each of the songs. If I were to nitpick any ‘uninteresting’ parts of the record I would point out the one-minute long intros of second and the sixth track (‘The Occultist’ and ‘Carve Ritualistic Pictographs on Forehead’) which lacks creativity. Other than that, this album holds enough darkness and brutality to make it worth appreciable. Great release! (Osmani)