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Verwüstung [BLR] – Gospel ov Fury

verwüstung [blr] – gospel ov fury

C’mon Longstretch, enough with the reviews on Blackened Thrash bands I hear you say. Well with the exceptional quality of the albums being released, how can I not review them and so as another example of the belting quality I just mentioned, I give you Verwüstung from Belarus with their manic and rousing album “Gospel ov Fury”.

This album brilliantly combines black metal fury and thrashy rhythms with full on power. There are infectious tracks right through this album that, when played live, I’m sure would provide an abundance of torn shirts and airborne body fluids in the circle work.

I’ll nominate “Hell Fire Rock & Roll” and “Madness Closing In” as my favourite tracks cause they deliver awesome catchy guitar licks, lead breaks and ferocious drumming with some exceedingly sinister vocals but when you have a listen I reckon you’ll nominate differing ones to my selection, dependant on what floats your boat, cause there are no filler tracks on this album as every track is just out and out pure mayhem.

Let me expand a bit further, like yourself some angry and viscous vocals of the blackened variety with ominous chugging riffs then “Dissolution” is the track for you, fancy an ode to reach out to the dark lord and his six messengers of death then “Baaltzelmoth” is the what you need.

“Gospel ov Fury” is 30 odd minutes of crude, upfront, highspeed and damn heavy blackened thrash. Hopefully I’ve pricked your curiosity enough to go and have a listen cause you won’t regret it. (Longstretch)