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Profanal – Supreme Fire

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It`s Halloween in 2016, imagine creatures everywhere tormenting, torturing all human beings and in the background the soundtrack of horror, namely „Supreme Fire“ by Italy`s Profanal. Besides the mentioned release date, this record is a massive slab of horror induced Swedish death metal the supreme way. 4 years we had to wait for their second album and it was worth the wait. Sure the band was active in between with playing shows and releasing a split in 2015 with Into Darkness (great band too). The sound, Rosy is still one of the greatest vocalists in this genre, she delivers every time. Just sick vocals sending shivers down my spine. Excellent. The drums are pounding, smashing and destroying with class. D-Beats, Some occasional blast, slow and groovy beats, everything here without going to super technical stuff(but it`s not necessary right?) and swarm of piranhas in form of guitars and bass that swallows immediately. HM-2 is boss. A great successor to“ Black Chaos“ you won’t miss. One of the better death metal albums of 2016. (DPF)