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Myrkraverk – Nær døden

myrkraverk – nær døden

Raw production, lending itself nicely to the emotionally-ugly style of the songwriting, leaves guitar noise and ambient feedback with that classic Sargeist/Ulver-heavy-mid guitar tone from Scandinavia…it summons the dark parts of the human mind. At first, I’m reminded of Old-Darkthrone meets Deceased as the hatred of Black Thrash punishes your senses…then, some ambient-noise interludes break up the violent assault and a dynamic range of musical styles start to introduce themselves: from atonal, doom segments that slow things down while tribals voices bellow, to haunting bridges of acoustic melodies accompanied by dissonant male-choir cries…there’s a sadness that prevails amidst the artists’ eclectic pallet while the vocals remain throaty, tortured, and beautifully ugly, but, still impress with diversity…and because you get the sense that a story is being told, the album earns acknowledgement of a certain folk element…though taken on an emotional exploration, you’re always returned to the blacken hatred of Thrash. Rightly so, the bass compliments the kick with punch. The battery has a quick pace, but, the 8th notes are easy to bang your head to. (Orpheus)