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LvxCælis – Maher Shalal Hash Baz

lvxcælis – maher shalal hash baz

LvxCælis are new to me even If their already around since 15 years. The band from Chile (a killer and prolific scene by the way) released 2 full lengths and 2 demos prior to “Maher Shalal Hash Baz“, their 3rd and newest opus after 4 years of silence.

Their blend of Black Metal with some Death and Doomy ingredients is more than pleasing. The band is capable of being harsh but knows also how to slow down and create a dark and heavy atmosphere (yes, an atomic atmosphere haha). The slower section often have a similar punch like Grave Miasma or Krypts. The intensity of their violent moments reaches War Metal like peaks, thanks to ultra fierce riffage with chords. The entire album is versatile, has groove and some surprising moments, thanks to the songwriting skills and the excellent and various voice of Magister I. The production has enough punch, makes every instrument well audible but isn`t too clean…I like it.

Fans of Dysangelium, Ondskapt and Ascension as well as fans of Black Metal with a dose of Death Metal should check this out immediately. I even recognized some Bölzer-ish moments without copying the band…well done! (DPF)