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Lich King – Born of the Bomb

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Many thrash bands are born from the womb of the United States. And while having a visit at the internet, I’ve found another band that caught my attention. Lich King from Amherst – Massachusetts has released their fifth album and is titled “Born of the Bomb”. Ten kick-ass songs are to be discovered on the disc, and it’s some kind of crumble between speed, thrash and in some parts crossover metal music. The solos are flying around your neck when pushing the start button, the drums are in thrashy overdrive and that accompanied with the fast voice from Tom Martin sounds excellent. Superb tracks were created on this album like for example “In the End, Devastation”, Axe Cop” (with the mighty comic book they’ve created to promote the track – visit youtube to check it out), “Agnosticism” and the end track “Lich King IV (Born of the Bomb)”. Okay, not everything is good because the lyrics from track “We Came to Conquer” is somewhat childish, immature written, and that somehow annoys me. Perhaps they’re not taking themselves that seriously, but good lyrics are also a part of an album 😉 Otherwise, this is an excellent album, and will please fans of old school thrash/speed metal, but executed with an extra push on the speed pedal. Big applause also for the cover “Agents of Steel” originally written by speed metal icons Agent Steel, a song created when John Cyriis (brilliant high voice he had that man!) ruled the microphone! Born from the Bomb is worth it to listen folks! (Fredde)