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Evil Hatred – Alive [Demo]

evil hatred – alive [demo]

Evil Hatred is a Chilean band formed from the ashes of another band, Thy Serpent’s Cult, and without more references, we can tell that this South-American project borrows from the Death/Thrash style many bands were starting to adopt by the end of the 80s, like Malevolent Creation or Morbid Angel.

Why? They show a range of dynamics that go from slow paced to blast beats, without getting too grindy. On the poetry department we can say this quintet from Santiago have been diving a lot into the Lovecraft and Barker section of the shelves: dismemberments, nightmarish pictures of human decomposition, cannibalism and a total disdain for any kind of authority, be it political or religious. Don’t miss this band’s next releases, as this is just a demo. Causing pain! (Diego E.)