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Concrete [BLG] – Domain of Untold Horrors

concrete [blg] – domain of untold horrors

Concrete are one of the hardest working Bulgarian metal bands and in case you still don’t know their name and music, their new record “Domain of Untold Horrors” is a great way to start. Released via the German label Rebirth the Metal Productions, “Domain of Untold Horrors” is Concrete’s third full-length album and their best til now. The band splits apart your skull with ten pieces of relentless death metal influenced mainly by Cannibal Corpse but you will not find just a mere copycats here. The guys know how to play intense and varied death metal without getting boring or too repetitive. The sound of the album is raw, don’t expect too polished and sterile production like that of many of the contemporary extreme metal bands but all instruments can be clearly heard. If I have to pick favourite tracks of mine then “Phoboholic” will be my first choice with its gentle intro that turns into sonic mayhem. The headbangers “Stillness of the Styx” and the thrashing “Blackborn” are  also absolute winners. Concrete deliver solid rhythm section, remarkable guitar riffs and leads but their strongest weapon is Kalin Kolev’s voice – his deep growls will make you think about Chris Barnes in his most powerful years. After all this being said the conclusion is that “Domain of Untold Horrors” is a bloody good album from one very promising and hard-working death metal band. Don’t hesitate, give this album a listen and support those true underground artists in any possible way! (Zvetan)