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Star of Madness – The Truth Beneath

star of madness – the truth beneath


Star of Madness hey? Sounds like a pretty cool spacey kind of project for all you hipsters and like minded folk to have a smoke and kick back to in a relaxing kind of way yeah! Truth be known the intro track may very well lead you to believe that this is the case. Creepy, yet kind of cool, sort of like if Batushka smoked some weed or Lychgate turned up to your funeral and decided to play a tune just for you. Are you excited yet? Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are going to be sadly disappointed if you just got a hard on from the thought that this album is like any of the aforementioned…

HM – 2 soaked buggery more your kind of thing? It certainly is mine, and for that I will stand proud! Star of Madness bring the whole fucking freight train with them on this one. Sheer amounts of tone that would make a mountain feel insignificant, riffs that make the largest dinosaur look like a tiddler, and your mum will certainly not approve of. Fuck your Mum, fuck the train system, and fuck the evolutionary system that made the dinosaurs into mere birds, THIS IS SOME HEAVY SHIT! This is their debut album, and that alone is scary shit. If you are this good to start with, the future is a moot point. “Nemesis” will give you a clue, “Dead Cthulu Dreaming” will wisen you up. I have no idea what an “Abu Theb” is, but it’s also just damn fine. Comparisons abound, intended or not, this is some of the best shit you will hear if you are the kind of person that gets off on the sound of blasting buzzsaw brilliance! Highly recommended!  (Andrew)

Star of Madness

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