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Aeon of Disease – Veil of Oblivion

aeon of disease – veil of oblivion


Germany’s Aeon of Disease are an hitherto unknown quantity to me. After a demo in 2016, which I quite obviously didn’t hear, they bring us their first full length “Veil of Oblivion”, and pretty much all I can say is WOW. To make things a little clearer they are not precisely Death Metal, more leaning towards the melodic side of things. Think Australia’s ‘Be’lakor’ or more so one of my favourite bands in the Melodic Death Metal category, ‘In Mourning” to name a couple. Although not quite hitting the heights of the aforementioned, they are not fucking far off at all from these lofty heights. From the soaring guitar melodies to the crushing riffs, insane vocals and pounding drums, not to mention the ever present rumble of the bass, these guys have certainly got their shit together in no uncertain terms.

Take title track “Veil of Oblivion” as a prime example of their sheer ability to deliver both the crushing we need, and the melody we often crave. A lot of Melodic Death Metal can have the tendency to wander off into sheer melancholy if allowed, but not so for this band. Each and every number serves to remind you that they are still going to kick your rear end in, but in a far more musical way than you thought they may. I am quite impressed with this, they do reach for the soul with the melodic moments as shown on “ Merciless Northern Chapter”, but then bring you straight back into the realm of a dying world when they put the hammer down. This is good, really good, and if this is their first release then I will be following them with great interest from here on in. “Message of Heresy” is just concrete proof of how solid this is pardon the pun…Heavy, with just the right touch of melody. I won’t say perfect, but man have these fine fellows have got one hell of a future ahead if they continue along these lines. Check it out people if you like what you have read. (Andrew)

Aeon of Disease

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