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Devastation Inc. – Beyond the Shape of Violence

devastation inc. – beyond the shape of violence

For an old school thrasher like me, DevastatioN Inc has served up an album that has all the ingredients that one must have for an excellent thrash album and follows the recipe that creates the intense and crushing sound that I know and love. In saying that, DevastatioN Inc have also brought  their own touches and nuances to this album and provide us, the punter, with some cracker tracks that will have you leaping off your seat and running round your lounge room forming your own moshpit free from prying eyes and judgey outsiders.

“Beyond the Shape of Violence” was released in May and is their second album. Apart from the opening track, which starts a bit on the restrained side, the rest of the tracks are rapid bursts of impressive face ripping mayhem with rough and anger fuelled vocals, rampaging guitar works and vigorous and fast paced drumming that is the pulse that drives the rhythm.

My favourite tracks are “Under the Mark of your Skin”, “Lust for Carnage” and “Burn the Knowledge”. These tracks show that DevastatioN Inc seem to have found their rhythm and place in the thrash metal world and provide all the full on chunky riffs and high speed attacks that not only make this album fun to listen to, they also showcase their playing style and strengths.

I really liked this album. “Beyond the Shape of Violence” is probably geared  more for the thrash enthusiast but if you want to spin something to get you fired up for some neck snapping, horn raising and head banging pleasure then you should be putting this on. (Longstretch)