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Running Death – Overdrive

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German thrash band Running Death have released their debut full length album titled ‘Overdrive’. After one demo and two EP’s they thought it was that time (after 11 years of existence) to offer the world their music and to show what they’re able to…unfortunately there are lots of stuff they have to reconsider if they want to have some kind of meaning in the club of thrash metal. Okay, instrumentally there are some nice riffs and drum patterns to discover, and hell, I could even compare it with the kind of instrumental style Metallica has used on the album ‘Death Magnetic’, so that’s not that bad. But after a song or five the listeners immediately will encounter that nothing new will pass by on this release and that the variation is absent. Yep, many people will agree that this album sounds monotone in the end. But the biggest flaw on this album are definitely the vocals! Man, no spirit, no balls, nothing to be excited about, and that’s something they will be judged about in general. So in my conclusion, instrumentally there’s place for improvement, vocally they have to decide for themselves what they can do about it, but they surely have to fix it in the future! Sorry frontman… (Fredde)