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Chronosphere – Embracing Oblivion

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Thraaaaassssshhhh! This time created by a young band of the capital of Greece, Athens. After releasing a demo as Homo Sapiens, they thought Chronosphere was a better moniker for their fast and Old School Thrash Metal in the 1980s tradition. The old Testament / Overkill alike Thrash Metal is fun to hear. It’s not a joke band, but fun is definitely the mood while listening to this album. The solos are over the top, the riffs are having a “who is the fastest?”-competition and the gang-shouts are effective and let one dream about the old days. The Thrash Metal sounds old (although on “Brutal Decay” you can recognize a typical Björler/The Haunted riff), authentic and aggressive. Nothing you haven’t heard before, but nice to hear again. Throw these guys in a touring package with Muncipal Waste and Dr. Living Dead and you will have moshpits and as a venue, great beer sales. To create the full Thrash package, Andrei Bouzikov created the artwork, which he also did for Toxic Holocaust, Violator, and Fueled by Fire. When the last tones of “Embracing Oblivion” are fading away, I can only conclude it was fun Old School Trash ride. (Ricardo)