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Soul Rape – Endless Reign

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Maybe it’s not really showing, but my taste isn’t all about Old School this or Old School that. Absolutely not, but other styles have to make more effort to grab me. This time it’s Soul Rape from Italy with their Technical and Progressive Death Metal. After a demo and a self-released EP, Punishment 18 Records signed their fellow Italians. First of all, I hear a lot of good riffs, melodies, leads, pace changes…It’s a diverse albums with hints of Death’s “Sounds of Perseverance” and especially Sceptic’s “Pathetic Being”. I even like the jazzy intro and outro on “Saudade de Morte”. Really, I have to say the quality of the music itself is very interesting. But unfortunately I’m not a big fan of the clean vocals you hear now and then, of which I consider that they don’t fit in. Every time I hear it, I think by myself: “Why?”. Sometimes it’s a bit between Warrel Dane (Nevermore, Sanctuary) and Ripper Owens (when it’s going high-pitched). Maybe I do not understand the purpose of those vocals in the music of Soul Rape, but maybe you do. Progressive Technical Death Metal, if you are into it, certainly check this one out. (Ricardo)