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Andracca – A Sermon in the Universal Language of Suffering [EP]

andracca – a sermon in the universal language of suffering [ep]


There was a time when UK Black Metal project Andracca would wax lyrical on Tolkienian mythology, but come 2020 and the ‘A Sermon in the Universal Language of Suffering’ EP, things have taken on a far darker and more real world complexion.

Opening with the EP title track, and the rapid decline of society and mankind is documented in vivid and dismal detail. By the end of ‘Dissolution of Apathy’ proceedings have descended into misery at the plight of humankind, though with a rallying cry of “Strive. Suffer. Fail. Succeed.” ‘Life Through Death’ is suitably depressive and maudlin, and yet also inevitable as life as a process of dying is graphically laid out before us, and by ‘Bleak’ the atmosphere of despair and gloom is well and truly complete.

I’ve been listening to ‘A Sermon in the Universal Language of Suffering’ daily for the past week and with each repeat a little more of it’s secrets have been revealed to me. Andracca’s musical range is lengthy and takes in everything from catchy guitar leads with forceful, grinding melodies, to slower tremolo rhythms, through to intensive walls of sound created through punishing drumming and ravenous riffs, all with a gripping and powerful display of growled vocals. Spanning only seventeen minutes, this EP never the less makes a huge impression and you’ll find yourself listening repeatedly. It’s a release that never sits still or rests on it’s laurels, and has a dramatic and anguished atmosphere. Most of all, it will leave you wanting more from Andracca. (Marksson)


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