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Ritual Clearing – Ritual Clearing [EP]

ritual clearing – ritual clearing [ep]

“New England Black Metal”. Of the little information I managed to get about this band, very recent – 2019 – they come from Connecticut, USA. “Ritual Clearing” is the first work edited by this quintet, and what we have before us is a good “product”.

Black Metal as exposed in the scriptures, dating from the 90s where, at times, it is possible to “see” some of the natural landscapes of New England. 4 tracks that manage, each one of them, to encapsulate several melodic lines in themselves: we have the rawest and stripped out perspective of artifices, and right after that, excerpts that could come out of a work by Wolves in the Throne Room. Do not forget, of course, the structures of Black Metal of the 90s, cold and tearing, aggressive and powerful melody. “Necrophage” is, for me, a good example of this (almost) duality, if we can use the term, where the band plays close to what the Cascadian style is, then going to classic Norwegian Black Metal, and then through moments of DSBM. 4 track, ladies and gents, 4 tracks packed with dynamism and strength.

It is good to see that the USBM label remains strong and alive. (DanielP)