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Torresian Call / Welldweller – Torresian Call / Welldweller [Split]

torresian call / welldweller – torresian call / welldweller [split]

Black Metal, the most Raw “strand”, is here to stay… unfortunately. Unfortunately? Yes. Why? When A and B start replicating C and D, one day we will be fed up, will we not?

This split consists of 6 songs, 5 of which are by the Australian musician, Againwalker, and the last one is credited to the artist behind Wedweller, Vu. Opposite points of the terrestrial globe. Long live the internet LOL and what is given to us in this Split? Black Raw n’ Roll Metal in the first “part”, and 1 track of Raw Melancholic Black Metal with just over 10 minutes in the second. I have never been a big fan of Black Metal to which an “aroma” of Rock n’ Roll is added, but sometimes it does sound well. The formula is not all bad; I’m just not a fan of this fusion… R n’ R is one thing; Black Metal is another (excluding Satyricon, please… they sometimes are the exception). Therefore, I consider these 5 tracks to be quite predictable and not very memorable; still, fans of Ildjarn might want to “test the waters”.

The last mesh is quite different in its entirety! 1 single track, with a much higher charge, much more rooted in what it should be Black Metal (in my opinion, and it is worth what it is worth), today; the accurate creative direction of (Raw) Black Metal: icy riffs, claustrophobic but imposing atmospheres, melody and, here and there, some romantic melancholy. Despair is very audible, making this track the “winner of this confrontation”, if this was a fighting match. The melody-laden riffs, over which a wall of noise is superimposed… turned out really well! Overall, and were this Split a real confrontation, Welldweller would take the trophy! Excellent mesh.

Overall, it is a work able to interest the most raw and primitive Black Metal fan, one who appreciates simple productions and some noise in his Black Metal… and some Rock / Punk riffs. (DanielP)