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Torture Throne – Stench of Innocence [EP]

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Not a lot of Old School Death Metal bands from France get noticed by the masses. Necrowretch are doing very well with their Century Media deal, Mercyless just released a new album and Affliction Gate got some positive reviews, but most don’t get a lot of attention. Although some don’t deserve it (but every country and scene have such bands), I think you can add Torture Throne in the “most who don’t get attention” category, only they deserve it. The first EP “Thy Serpent’s Cult” was self- released in 2010 and the zines who reviewed it were quite positive, still the name “Torture Throne” kept deep underground. Obscure Domain Productions, run by the infamous Hacker (Unholy Terror zine, nowadays writing for the cult Voices from the Darkside) saw the potential in these French bastards and want to release the CD version, the 12” vinyl version has been released by Forgotten Wisdom Productions, of this EP. And let’s say I understand the potential he saw. Torture Throne manages to mix the Old School Swedish Death Metal Scene with the dark heaviness of Funebrarum and the Finnish scene. There is a certain lugubrious vibe going on here, thanks to the pace variation and occasional haunting leads, which steps over the boundaries of Old School Swedish Death Metal. Therefore the Funebrarum and also the Finnish scene link. But when “Morbid Wrath” starts it is just 100% Old School Swedish Death Metal and executed very well. Let’s just say it’s Old School Death Metal from the first second till the last one and “Stench of Innocence” is certainly worth your money. (Ricardo)