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Khar Sulde – The Black Banners of Cosmic War

khar sulde – the black banners of cosmic war

Far from atmospheric and ambient sounds, distant from harmonious opuses and ritualistic chants, lives Khar Sulde. ” The Black Banners of Cosmic War” is Z.F.’s first endeavour with Khar Sulde, and it turns out to be a fairly nice one. Released on the almighty North-american label, Crown and Throne Ltd., these 8 tracks are an homage to War and the aptitude Mankind has to spill blood in the name of nothing.

It is harsh as human confrontation, and as dark as our World. It lives and breathes Black Metal, it gives you those fast and piercing moments, like it offers sombre melody and atmosphere. And this, from musicians coming from all over the Heavy Extreme Metal universe! “Harrying of the North”, for example, slowly guides downward, spellbinding you, leading you into devilish comfort.

Sometimes you feel the really Extreme Metal background, others you have this 90’s taste to it (“4th Armored Division…”). For a first record, it does sound quite good and honest, this in a scene has grown, over past years, in terms of Black Metal, and it has given us from “vulgar” to “future classic” releases.

This one, in particular, is the display of a promising future, violent and hard, a Black Metal assault on one’s mind. Enjoy. (DanielP)