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Estenosis – Orgía Necrofílica [Demo]

estenosis – orgía necrofílica [demo]


‘Orgía Necrofílica’ is Estenosis’ third demo and just like the two preceding tapes, this one has quite an impressive tracklist of no less than 18 tracks. Tracks that are brimming with some of the most savage and brutal Black/Death Metal that you might have encountered in a while.

If you have heard the band’s previous recordings, then you do know what to expect. Of course Estenosis didn’t change their musical aim, they are still very close up to their Finnish examples of Witchcraft. A deep and dark sound of some bludgeoning Death Metal, blistering Black Metal and topped off with an all-devouring grinding edge. The tons of reverb and cave-like production nicely completes the picture of the barbaric assault that is ‘Orgía Necrofíllia’. No subtlety, melody or finesse or whatsoever.

The recordings seem to have been tapes in several sessions as the sound quality differs a little throughout the full 36 minutes, subsequently some tracks do sound even murkier, more dense or laced with even more noisy feedback than others. But while this might kill the vibe in the average recordings, it actually empowers this demo’s pureness and authenticity.

And while you might guess that this sort of extreme metal is quite one-dimensional, which is not all too far from the truth, these guys are able to add some surprises in there. Take a track like ‘Encuentran Paloma en Descomposición en la Cavidad Vaginal de una Mujer Infértil Que Deseaba Quedar Embarazada’ (and the next one, for that matter), that sounds way slower and has a distinctly dragging nature. I wouldn’t dare to go as far as saying that this is adding an element of versatility to the music, but at least it gives a bit of variety and dynamism. And that, frankly, is quite welcome when you are presenting quite a lengthy demo such as this one.

To cut things short: yes, it sounds, well, exactly as that. A soundtrack to a nice and soothing Sunday afternoon necrophile orgy.


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