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Encryptment – Dödens Födsel

encryptment – dödens födsel


Those already familiar with Encryptment via their 2015 EP ‘Suktar Efter Luft’ and the subsequent 2019 ‘Mangel Från Söderort’-demo have been able to hear the intention with which the band was formed. Their aim was to create extreme music without boundaries, which in practice for these Swedes meant a ferocious mix between Black and Death Metal and aggressive Punk. On this first full-length album, released by Nuclear Winter on CD and cassette tape, it can be heard that the styles are starting to shift a bit.

The (crust) punk content is a little less prominent, although the drums often still kick into that galloping trot, just listen to the first half of ‘Existens I Ambivalens’, for instance. Still, the Swedes manage to fuse the three styles quite naturally into an energetic whole. The infectious riffs, up-beat drums and aggressive vocals are also poured into the good production courtesy of the Necromorbus Studio. This gives the whole thing an extra powerful punch compared to its two predecessors. The drums in particular benefit extremely well from Tore Stjerna’s work. Although most of the songs fly by like an express train, the band occasionally takes a bit of a breather, as for instance on ‘Poisonous Salvation’, which together with the album’s closing track (‘Withered Hands’) is the only song in their repertoire that is not in their mother tongue, the band shoots off slowly and unfolds as a very deadly Black Metal machine in which influences of Watain can be clearly heard. That is one of those moments that the album’s title (which translates to ‘The Birth Of Death’) is honoured.

After half an hour, the foursome are done and the listener is treated to a really solid debut album in which genre-transcending work has indeed been done. The balance, however, does hang much more towards (Black) Metal than on the band’s earlier recordings, but I think the band have found their niche in this.


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