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Deep Vein / Bloody Sign / Oppression – Split Tape [Split]

deep vein / bloody sign / oppression – split tape [split]


Another tape from the Nihilistic Holocaust label, an old school label that is specialized in releasing old fashioned tape releases. Can it get any better? Haha. Anyway, this time a three-way split tape with (old school) death metal. The term of ‘old fashioned’ and ‘old school’ seems a term that refuses to die, and with the help from labels like this one it won’t even think of dying at all. And that is absolutely a good thing of course, so a closer look to what this tape has got to offer is indeed on its place?

The tape starts of with Deep Vein, a French death metal band which is absolutely new to me, but life is full of surprises! But I can’t say Deep Vein has left a really deep impression on me but they play a rather enjoyable kind of old school death metal reminding of the early nineties. Nothing really shocking, like said, just simple and good death metal with a raw sound and a few solos here and there. Vocally it ranges from screaming vocals to raw throat grunts. At time the overall sound comes even close to black metal because of the rawness and cold feeling in the riffings. So, rather primitive but surely ok.

Next up is Bloody Sign, another French band. To me this one is the least interesting of the three but sound pretty much the same as Deep Vein. But where Deep Vein was rather simple Bloody Sign is even more standard and fails to be impressive at all. Though the music is rather standard it is a tad faster and has got some more melodies woven around the individual songs, so with this it comes close to some melodic Swedish death metal bands. Positive thing are the absolute short killer passages that pop up every now and then consisting out of a pounding riff, mid-tempo drums and killer licks. I guess this is a band that needs to grow, for the potential is there to be heard but on this very moment fails to be interesting enough.

Last but not least is the best band of the tape, the Swedish band Oppression. Again this is mostly mid-tempo death metal based with a massive groove throughout all the songs. But the second layer is clearly thrash metal in the most traditional way, that means the good way. The vocals remind me most of Mem from Sun Descends (formerly in the cult thrash metal band Exumer) mixed up with the classic voice of Tom Araya (Slayer) because of the high pitched screams. Musically this comes rather close to Sun Descends for it also has that rather strange slight (old school) hardcore-ish feel to it. Another positive thing here is that the individual instruments are all to be clearly heard, including the pounding bass-guitar, which is definitely a pre. A screaming guitar solos here and there finishes the whole thing. A more then interesting band that I will keep an eye on for sure!

An interesting tape, so to say, and for those who are interested, the chances that you’ll run into it as soon as you think about starting to look for it are really high. For this tape is “limited” to about 1900 or something, so I suggest to get your of your asses and find this one, it is only €4,-.

Deep Vein

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