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Black Bleeding – A Bright Future

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Black Bleeding comes from Belgium and here we have their third album called “A Bright Future” which was released in 2014. It features 8 songs and over 34 minutes of certain type of blackened thrash with some “punkish” elements in the music. The sound, as expected in bands from these countries, is really good, very clear, with very dynamic textures on the guitars that allow understanding every single riff here. The drums sound really good too, heavy but very natural, with no triggers at all…just the way I like it. It captured my attention certain song titles such as “Three more beers and the Truth”…strange isn’t?…seems more appropriate for a hard core or punk band…but not for a Black band…kind of inconsistent…here’s another one “Can Food & Weapons”…are you kidding me???…simply don’t get it. Another element I’d like to remark is that even when the sound is freaking awesome, the song structure still needs to be developed a bit more, they are well played and performed, but still lacks something…that extra mile that makes bands into this genre shine really bright. Doing an analogy, Black Bleeding is like a less developed version of the mighty Destroyer 666…this is their third album…so…we’re not talking of new comers here either. All in all,,,there are a couple of really good songs…for example the last one “Can Food & Weapons”…opens with this fat bass line and then the guitars doing some sort of strange chord…to let the drums come in…I mean…an increasing path here…the opposite would definitely be “Habay Cock City”…really unfortunate that opening…so my opinion about these guys,.. good production, average music and a couple of inconsistencies at concept and music level…if they cannot correct these two last elements, don’t think they’ll be able to step forward among the bunch of bands we have today. (Master Butcher)