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Bloody Sign – Vana Vigala Loïts

bloody sign – vana vigala loïts


Almost ten years ago already, a new French band was formed with their vision of death / black metal. “Nocturnal Moans Of The Fallen Angel” was BLOODY SIGN’ first demo whom was spit forth in ’97. A year later the second demo (“Dionysos Contre Le Crucifié”) was at hand. It wasn’t until ’01 when the first signs of line-up changes were in order. In the same year the band recorded “Primitive Horde”; the 3rd demo. From that moment on BLOODY SIGN have played numerous gigs around their borders and shared stages with some great acts, such as BEHEMOTH, IMMOLATION, INCANTATION, IMPALED NAZARENE, KRISIUN, RAGNAROK, WATAIN and many others. A deal was signed with Ibex Moon Records last year and the first full-length – which is entitled “Vana Vigala Loits” – emerged as result. The shifting within the line-up of BLOODY SIGN is relevant this very year as last month the group was forced to form to a classic three-piece due to personal circumstances. Looking at their complete biography, they’ve seen a fair amount of souls who came and went.

Technical death / thrash metal is unleashed as ‘Possessed By The Ancient Earth’ opens, but soon enough the black factor is injected. What impresses almost instant is the variety in range of the vocalist. On the track ‘Unleashing The Power Of The Bloody Sign’ it becomes clear BLOODY SIGN’ claim to be partially death metal is justified. When the next song goes by you could say the band plays a style similar to some of SOUL REAPER and ARKHON INFAUSTUS, which is brutal music exclusively. Track four is somewhat unusual, because it bears some African group gospel while you can imagine seeing them working at the poppy fields. As it seems, that part is only the introduction of title-track ‘Vana Vigala Loits’. Yes, finally a relative new song in cover world! PESTILENCE’ ‘Parricide’ comes along, but slightly faster than the original. This does however not reflect the musical direction of BLOODY SIGN.

When you’re around for more than a decade in the music-business on this stinking planet, skill and sound become your second nature. It’s therefore no surprise this “Vana Vigala Loits” is well produced and contains decent structural songs. An album, which bears aggressive black / death metal for the underground masses. Some recent info on the BLOODY SIGN camp: them French will take part of an Europe tour with AVENGER in April and secondly, the upcoming release of their split EP with RADEMASSAKER.