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DunkelNacht – Empires of Mediocracy

dunkelnacht – empires of mediocracy

After listening the first few seconds it is absolutely clear that Dunkelnacht is a name to remember. A very low tuning, a solid production, and a high level of musicianship create a diversified album which would not disappoint fans of Belphegor, Behemoth, Amon Amarth or even Dark Funeral.

All songs make no compromises and Dunkelnacht shows that you have to have knowledge of  the rules of music theory to break them. The band avoids successfully clichés but the listener don´t have to search for some unique identity. “Eerie Horrendous Obsession”,  the third track of the album stings out because the listener is suddenly reminded of Gothic Rock from the 80s.  The riffs got a catchy melody with a light increased tempo. Nevertheless the heaviness don´t come to short, well placed blast beats and the mix of low and high screaming always remind of the satanic and evil spirit lying within this piece of Black/Death Metal.

I´ve listened to the album now 6 times and there are still little weird melodies and harmonies to discover. This is definitely not an album you just listen once and then but it back on the shelf. In my opinion an absolute recommendation for every fan of brutal evil Black/Death Metal without any compromise. (HaCeBo)