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Uønsket – Forlatt [EP]

uønsket – forlatt [ep]


Depending on which picture you see of Richard Fuller, the young man behind Uønsket, he is adorned in a dark cape, wearing warpaint and spikes (sometimes of impressive size) and equipped with a mean spiked club-like weapon. And, as pictured on this first EP, ‘Forlatt’, smoking. At least, so it seems. While all the initial elements fit completely within the scene aesthetic, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a smoking figure on a Black Metal cover before.

But, don’t let this somewhat odd cover fool you. Uønsket is definitely not to be passed on if you are in for some well-crafted Black Metal, the old school Norwegian way. Well, Norwegian? Yes, definitely there is a lot of old Darkthrone, Gorgoroth and Taake going on, but there is quite a bit of old Nargaroth, Forgotten Tomb as well as Xasthur to be discerned in this great 18-minute EP. Though the music itself is as cold as it gets when it comes to sharp edged riffage, the sound is remarkably warm in the sense of its amazing organic and analogue sound. It feeds the ambiance of late 90’s and early 00’s Raw Black Metal. While definitely fitting in the Raw Black Metal frame, its six tracks are very atmospheric and deeply melodic at the very same time. The band’s sense for ambiance as well as musical structures is tremendous and leads to very exciting and something that you can almost call adventurous Raw Black Metal. It has so much more to offer than basically all of their genre peers, yet without crossing the genre borders. Uønsket exclusively and religiously stays true to the genre aesthetics, but with creativity and sheer talent the music gets all the necessary dynamics to keep you on the edge of your very seat offering you a quality ride through the world of Raw Black Metal.

Besides Fuller himself there are a couple of talented session musicians involved in Uønsket. Besides drummer Wanja Mamykin of Felvum (which ‘Fullmoon Mysticism’ EP was also recently featured on our VM-Underground pages and proved to be one of the best Black Metal EP’s of last year), Crying Orc of Këkht Aräkh as well as Felvum participated on guitar (and signed up for the mastering as well). Perhaps that gives something of an explanation of the quality of the musical work on offer, but it doesn’t really matter much where the focus of creativity lies either: the result is what counts. ‘Forlatt’ has undoubtedly become a particularly compelling EP (or demo) that comes with my warmest recommendation.


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