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Seed of Cain – The Gracious Misery [EP]

seed of cain – the gracious misery [ep]

A delectable morsel that whets the appetite of any listener craving the elemental sounds that can be conceived from the notes of Black Metal. Seeds of Cain manages to weave an organic flowing spirit embedded within three tracks that can exist upon their own merit, yet converge into one cohesive entity. While the EP, ‘The Gracious Misery’, is not a game changer towards the genre, it does pay homage to that feral aura, especially the second wave.

The most notable component that binds the tracks together is the riffing, while it’s not the most stylistic and does not exude much bravado, it possesses a nature-like essence to the playing, like a once frozen lake in which the ice liquefies under a new season, so too does the mood of the tremolo riffing exhales, as the melody feels unhindered but it does meander reaching certain climactic points, like an icy landscape which ceaselessly survives as it transmutes into water, releasing streams of liquid in a pulsating manner.

The percussive elements follow suit with the guitars, whereby the same simplistic manner is utilized, however, even though the drums do exhibit the aggression within its playing, what is appreciated is that the emotion feels as though it was not spawned from a spirit of a human, but it feels more akin to the blossoming of a season, where the harsh elements can be unleashed, like the groaning of winter frost that bites against the earth, so too do the drums exhibit with its playing. The vox which resonates within the soundscape erected possesses a certain grandiose to its delivery, as though it is a being who summons forth and bends the primordial spirit of nature against its will.

The third track, ‘Infinite Darkness is an ambient piece that brings the previous tracks to a closing fitting while also ending on a cliffhanger, as the EP does leave the listener wanting more…in conclusion, this EP works as a fantastic teaser if its main objective is for the listener to gnaw upon a portion of this band’s flesh in order to anticipate a full length release. In other words, this is a rather stable foundation in which a creative future can be built upon. (Justin Joseph)