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Thulcandra – Ascension Lost

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This is something I was looking out for! What others consider as their weakest point, a 100% Dissection clone (before “Reinkaos”), I consider it as the main reason why I listen to “Fallen Angel’s Dominion” and “Under a Frozen Moon” more often than not. And I would like to add old Unanimated to the tag to describe Thulcandra (reffering to “In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead” (1993) and “Ancient God Of Evil” (1995)). I really don’t understand why people have to bash a band who plays a kind of metal, which not a lot of other bands play. Sure, Dissection is pure genius in my book, but I’m stoked if there is another band who can reach 80% of that geniality. It’s not like there are 666 other bands who sounds like Dissection and Unanimated. Instead of 4 great albums in that vein, we have 6. Oh…the humanity! Before some of you will cry their panties off…I am aware of the “more than good” releases of bands like Vinterland, Sacaramentum or old Dawn. Just to mention a few…I was just proving a point here. Well, the third album is in the aforementioned style still, so no surprises here. Or maybe the fact they used just a pinch less Dissection (just listen to “Throne of Will”) and added more Thrash and Swedish Black Metal ideas now and then. But even after 20 spins it doesn’t grab me right away, like the previous albums. It misses a certain “direct hit”, if you know what I mean. A riff or melody that sticks in your head or a certain part of a song that you just want to hear again right after the track ends. Only left for me to say that Necrolord did a magnificent job on the cover once again. On a personal level I’m a bit disappointed, but it is still a good album that deserves to be in the Thulcandra discography. Only at the 3rd place. (Ricardo)


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