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Outre-Tombe – Nécrovortex

outre-tombe – nécrovortex


Outre-Tombe have released an album that will easily be in my top 10 Death Metal albums of 2018. The riffs are thick and punchy, vocals throaty and the drums are charging with an old school energy to them. If this is the best of what Death Metal has to offer in 2018, count me in.

Think classic Earache Records. The explosiveness and grit on vintage Entombed is mixed with the midtempo crunch of Bolt Thrower and the tremolo picked thrash riffs of Massacre. The influences are clear but the songwriting is well above par and these are some firecrackers on display here. “Abberration” is the standout track for me. It goes from gross melodies to mid tempo stomps before aligning for some almost Celtic Frost sounding punk influenced sections. Above all this song highlights just how memorable this album is. The riffs just have that extra something that make them stick in your head. The title track is more of a mid tempo affair and the riffs are just as razorsharp. The slower riffs only help to make the speed even more effective and this song is a great example of that. When the Florida style riffs hit and the guitar solo graces your ears it has a tremendous impact.

The guitar sound has just enough of the HM-2 grit to bring to mind vintage Sweden without it being overdone. This is a great example of taking that style and paying homage while making sure to include some extra elements as well. The production itself is clear and powerful and pretty much perfect for the style the band has. You don’t have to strain to hear any of the amazing riffs and trust me you will want to digest every last note.

It has been an amazing year for death metal and this is another album to add to the stack of essential ear damage released this year. Fans of Entombed, Massacre, Bolt Thrower and even Celtic Frost should consider this album mandatory.