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Naxen – To Abide in Ancient Abysses [EP]

naxen – to abide in ancient abysses [ep]

Naxen from Germany are definitely Black Metal, but aren’t dealing with the extinction of a religious form, nor are they spitting out lyrical content about any satanic ritual or offering. They are dealing with the shortcomings of mankind, our tragedy, misdeeds and failure. Well, that’s one way to look at it, I for one feel completely comfortable as the old Dutch fart that I am although I wouldn’t say the world would be a better place when everyone would be like me…it would be a hell of a job to order a good beer at the bar for example.

Back to Naxen… The Black Metal is filled with despair and darkness, varying in up- and midtempo riffs in a modern way. When it shifts into mid-tempo is has a slight sludge / late Mayhem hybrid kind of approach concerning sound. No doubt there will be fans for Naxen, really no doubt, but after hearing 2 tracks of 17 minutes combined, I can’t say I’m tempted to hit the repeat button. (Ricardo)