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Maze Of Terror – Ready To Kill

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Song titles like ‘There Will Be Blood’ and ‘Violent Mind of Hate’ might already give you a pretty good indication of the genre these Peruvian madmen operate in. Furious and relentless thrash metal is what they bring. Opener ‘Rotting Force’ immediately grabs you by the throat as Maze of Terror sets the pace for destruction. The snarled, wretched vocals, the aggressive guitars with very decent leads, the thundering bass and tank-like drums, it’s all brought with South American ruthlessness. Sure, not all the riffs are all that original, but the music is brought with so much enthusiasm, these guys obviously stand 100% behind what they do, and they are able to execute it technically. And another thing, there are just good songs here. Just listen to sonic bullets like the aforementioned opener ‘Rotting Force’, the catchy ‘Violent Mind of Hate’, and the militant tremolo picking in ‘World’s Dead Side’, with some very cool guitar solos to top it all off. Deeply rooted in the thrash tradition from the best of all continents in the mid to late eighties, they do separate themselves from the average retro thrash or crossover band. You here influences ranging from the start of Bay Area thrash like early Slayer and Metallica to Destruction and early Sepultura. And what to think of the Annihilatoresque build up of ‘Bringer of Torture’. I’d really like to see what the next step of Maze of Terror will be! (Stijn)