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Terrifier – Trample the Weak, Devour the Dead

terrifier – trample the weak, devour the dead


Well, with a title like that, you can safely say that the Canadian Thrash metal band Terrifier is playing to kill, so, I can honestly say for the most part, they are putting their money where their mouth is.

What you have here is a band that is equal parts mid-era Testament and Heathen with a tad of Exodus thrown in for good measure. So with Thrash Metal and all that it entails, you know what you are getting from the get-go. It all depends at times on what your personal preference is in any band’s approach. Sometimes they are a bit gruff or bring in a more Death Metal approach.

You can also get more Power Metal styling lending a voice to some band’s sound. Again, as mentioned Terrifier does bring the bands mentioned above styles into their own and they do it well. You will hear at different times, vocalist Chase Thibodeau sounding like Zetro from Exodus for the most part but maybe with a bit harsher and angrier in his approach. The band themselves adapt and amalgamate all into their approach and trust me, you will smile when you hear this because they do it well.

I am a fan of Thrash myself (it’s really good to listen to while driving haha) and I appreciate the more modern sounds and production in some bands nowadays. I am really into the latest Angelus Apatrida, Thrashfire, and Onslaught as well.

The production where the drums are pummeling and on point and the guitar riffs are catchy as hell and pull you in and make you wanna air guitar (again, imagine that while driving haha) and the vocalist shouting the latest diatribes of society’s ills and or life in the underground. Oh and also the bass…you GOTTA hear the bass. (Overkill WFO anyone??) Terrifier checks all the bullet points for me.

Nowadays fans of the metal underground all have these criteria in all that they choose to listen to, whatever the genre may be. So after reading my lengthy ramblings and think they may meet your expectations, take the time to look into them and support the scene (whatever you may listen to)


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