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Maldito – O Renascer, O Crer [Demo]

maldito – o renascer, o crer [demo]


The 5th of June 2020 is marked by the release of the 1st EP of this “super group” (however much I abhor the term) of the national Black Metal scene. With members of Corpus Christii, Flagellum Dei and Grievance, these Maldito come to tear the (recently) established canons of (Portuguese) Black Metal. In an era in which the carnal mentality as it plagued Black Metal, dragging musician after musician in the same direction, there are those who prefer to ride in the opposite direction, thus showing that the structural lines of the genre are long and diverse.

Nocturnus Horrendus (guitar), D. Sabaoth (guitar) and Koraxid (drums / vocals), 3 musicians who need no introduction, 3 incarnations of the Beast, 3 visions of a genre, 1 result that will undoubtedly leave its mark! “O Renascer, O Crer” is composed of 4 tracks, 4 moments of viscerality and homage to the past of the genre, although keeping the spirit alive and dynamic, today. In a moment of pandemic, of social withdrawal, of strangeness, these 3 Lords of Black Metal grab us and take us with them, to the deepest desolation.

The guitar work stands out. There is a melodic aftertaste, almost medieval, soundtrack of battles! The guitar work is, without a doubt, quite strong, acting almost like the real conductor of the themes. The voice, a presence that is felt – Mr. Koradix, always – and that excels in its excellent quality. To say that it sounds Norwegian, would be to take value from these musicians artistry; saying that it resembles a time when Black Metal was king, did not live in fashions or based on an audience that focuses more on the material than on the content, it sounds more like a compliment, a deserved one.

The fact that it has a melody, and I believe that the participants will understand me, does not remove any strength from it, it does not remove this heavy, black and death aura! Black Metal is also, in a way, a little like that: a black death.

With the names behind, there will always be a risk of judging the book by its cover. Are we wrong to assume A or B ?! Yes and no. Each and every one of these musicians has created, for years and years, musical realities that paint a very particular genre of extreme music. Be more dirty and decadent, be more visceral and tearing, each one knows very well what lines define the genre, and Maldito are, by no means a less black and morbid image in it.

Welcome… (Daniel Utopia Platafórmica)


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