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Graves – Ascensão Do Impiedoso [Demo]

graves – ascensão do impiedoso [demo]


After having released “Liturgia da Blasfémia”, this year, Graves is back with a new Demo, entitled “Ascensão do Impiedoso”. Portugal has been, in the last years, in the forefront of the most exciting Black Metal acts to appear. Together with Dutch, Bosnian and North American, the Raw Black Metal scene has gained attention from fans and from big labels – Iron Bonehead Productions is an excellent example of that – and it has grown and grown.

“Ascensão do Impiedoso” sees the return of this power act, persistent and ferocious. Those aspects of their music are all there, no power has been taken away from the music of the band, no sign of slowing down or weakening. Do I see changes, regardless of the ever present motivation to dilacerate the World? Yes, they sound stronger, and, while still being fast, their sound has become more overwhelming, more suffocating. “Ventos Negros da Morte” is probably the best way to describe my previous comment. It sort of seems they added more layers, more elements to their sound, to the point where it sounds… more than just Graves. Hard to explain, I can understand. Picture this: they added more melody to their Raw Black Metal sound. They have upgraded their brand of Black Metal, per se… “Mórbido Amanhecer” is another good example: that intro, that melody, ufff…

This is evolution without losing their core values/sound/elements In the end, Graves sound like Graves… with a little something that, combined with what made them what they are, gives the listener a new experience and the challenge to discover something new. As I said in my previous Graves’ analysis: they are an act that has already shown us that quality is something that lives in each of its musicians, and each of their releases is one to be taken with attention.

Graves has delivered, once again, an exquisite piece of Black Metal. Keep your eyes open and your ears ready for what may come… (DanielP)