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Majestic Terror – Natural Darkness [Demo]

majestic terror – natural darkness [demo]

The idea of circles, (non-violent) gangs and gatherings of like-minded people, is something Black Metal is used to. From Norway to France and Bosnia to Portugal, and a multitude in between, this conception is still in practice. Majestic Terror, from Chile, is part of the “Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague” Circle (13th Temple, Funeral Fullmoon, Gryftigæn, Mantiel, Old Castles, Pyreficativm, Wampyric Rites and Winterstorm). I am familiar with the majority of the bands that crafted this circle, and I have to say that most of them are top-notch bands (Wampyric Rites, for instance, is exquisite).

Majestic Terror is the work of 2 musicians, Holocausto & Warhowl, that formed the band in 2018, releasing their first ever offering, last year. A 5 track Demo, straightforward Black Metal the way South Americans so well know how to do it’s relentless and piercing. Lo-fi production and no mercy for the listener! This is 2nd wave Black Metal, what else can I say, it is devastating! 5 tracks, a hint of melody, buried beneath the weight of the drums and the riffing and the screams of pain and anger! It is Raw, ladies and gents, it is Raw. And I loved it, to be honest. Yes, I am an ambience/atmosphere guy, I search for that hidden melody but, once in a while, I gladly welcome this side of Black Metal into my life, and applause it for making me feel alive ahahah. If the basis of the genre is sometimes you hold close to you, then please, go ahead and give it a listen. (DanielP)